Electrical planning

VESCON Automation s.r.o. is among the leading providers of CAD/CAE electrical planning services. The actual design as well as continuous optimization of CAD/CAE systems and applications is always carried out in close cooperation with the relevant software department. Project documentation is prepared in a clear form, including bills of materials and detailed breakdowns for cabling; we naturally keep strict compliance with relevant standards and related regulations. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for customers using software optimization of project planning processes according to customer requirements.

Our Services:

  • IT consulting in EPLAN 5.7, EPLAN P8 and AutoCad,
  • Development of individual systems
  • Design and management of major projects
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automatic document generation
  • Development of company standards
  • Complex solution of supplies
  • Commissioning of the solution
  • Support and training
  • Work procedures optimization (process optimization)c